Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Making a Movie

I think I've stated quite a few times that it's my dream to become a filmaker when I'm older. Growing up watching a wide range of movies has given me a perminant love for the art, and it's a field that I desperately want to be a part of. In fact, once I finish high school in three and a half years, I plan on going to film school in California.

Right now, though, I've decided to get an early taste for movie-making. My high school just got a TV Studio in it, and I'm an intern there. The guy who runs it, Mink, talked with me for a good hour about different movies (mostly the works of David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Kelly, and Kevin Smith), and by the end, he convinced me to go ahead with this idea I've had for a script.

After a few weeks of tireless writing, me and my partner in crime James finished the script for our movie. It's kind of a love letter to the Kevin Smith movies I watched growing up, namely Clerks and Mallrats. It's about two high school graduates who have nothing better to do than to hang around their old school, and deals with the increasingly odd people they come across throughout the day, and the shenanigans and awkward situations they get themselves into. The title of the movie is going to be Those Guys In The Hall, and will be directed by me, and was co-written by me and James.

At the moment, it's still in its pre-production stage. We're almost done with the casting process, and are going to begin filming in a few weeks. Basically, when it's all done, I'm going to put it on the site so you can all enjoy it. Also, I would love if any of you guys would like to review it when it's all done. So basically, spread the word about the site and the movie, and I'll keep you updated throughout the entire production process.