Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where I've Been

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything for a while, alot's been going on. It's only right for me to tell you what's been happening.

Basically, I've been in a rut these past few months. Due to a number of things, I was depressed from about September up untill January. Earlier in the year, I had a bad break-up with a girl that I really liked, and that hurt my motivation pretty hard. I tried to put more effort into my reviews during this time, but it just wasn't happening. After two reviews, I decided that I needed a break to try and think things over. Because of the depression I was in, I had pretty low self-esteem at this point, and it didn't help that the site wasn't getting that much new viewers and no one was commenting on the videos anymore. Due to this, I just wasn't up to it, and I needed to take a little hiatus. My emotional health was so bad at the time, I still find it really hard to watch the videos I made from September to November.

Now, though, I'm back. I'm all better, I'm motivated, and I've got some great things coming up for you guys. The site also now has a Facebook page:!/pages/Midnite-Movies-with-the-Stoned-Horror-Critic/125995194140844

So stay tuned, and tell all your friends about the site. The SHC is back!

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