Monday, August 30, 2010

I Won the Zombie Rabbit Award!

I just recieved the Zombie Rabbit Award from Trick or Treat Pete. Thanks alot!


"I am giving this award to [10] of my favorite blogs and places i believe need some well deserved attention. I thought it might be fun to shake it up a bit, sort of a "Pay It Forward" move... let me explain.

01) Give the award to [10] who you like, but give a couple the "Next Blog" slider button on top... so random blogger people can feel the love from a stranger.

02) Post those you gave the award to, so fans of your site can see the places you like and Paid It Forward too.

*If we are not careful there will be "Zombie Rabbits" everywhere..."

So, here are my Top 10, "recipients":
1. Full Moon Reviews
2. Disturbing Entertainment
3. Big Daddy Horror Reviews
4. Atop the Fourth Wall
5. Reverand Phantom
6. Little Miss Zombie
7. Illogical Contraption
8. A Bit Sketchey
9. Mrs. Parson's Fifth Grade Class
10. My So-Called Boring Life


  1. boys stop "spreading your love" around!! I will pull this blog over RIGHT NOW and go straight home, do you hear me? I swear on the grave of the original Batwoman, you DO NOT want me to come over there!!!
    Now you all just make your reviews and keep your "love" to yourselves!
    Getting so a zombie's gotta do everything around here, sheesh!
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum
    **this comment brought to you by 2am and too much Dr. Pepper**

  2. Cute post! Loving the Zombie rabbit! LOL

    By the way, Stoned Horror Critic, you have been tagged in a new blogger meme!

    Have fun with it!